The NZBritannia pension transfer process

Contact NZBritannia for a free no-obligation assessment1 or financial advice

You will be contacted by a NZBritannia Financial Adviser and offered advice or information only service depending on your situation

No advice

Pay advice fee

Receive information plus meet with adviser to explain documents

Meet with adviser and receive Statement of Advice

Complete forms, pension transfer value request, and enrol in the Britannia Retirement Scheme

Receive final transfer value and confirm decision to transfer pension

NZBritannia begins the transfer process and will update you on progress

HM Revenue & Customs

UK Scheme Administrators

UK employer or Accountant

After completion of all formalities, your pension will arrive in NZ and be invested in the Britannia Retirement Scheme

The assessment is not personalised financial advice about the relative advantages and disadvantages of transferring to a NZ superannuation scheme. If you would like advice on whether a transfer is in your best interests, contact us FREE on 0800 500 811 and we will arrange for one of our Financial Advisers to contact you.

1For taxation advice, you should talk to a taxation specialist.