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We look after our advisers so they can look after their clients

Join us in this new opportunity

We’re looking for new Investment Advisers to join the NZBritannia network.  If you enjoy working for yourself but are looking for an opportunity to grow your business and your clients’ wealth, plus cut back on admin, look no further.

With the Integral Master Trust (IMT) you will:

Spend less time on admin

NZBritannia’s Integral Master Trust (IMT) is designed to seamlessly grow your clients’ core wealth. It’s easy to implement and is scalable and diverse enough to meet pretty much all your clients’ needs. You’ll spend less time researching and on admin and more time getting to know them and their goals.

Build more revenue

Switch to NZBritannia and you’ll have more time to spend with your clients, building a long list of loyal, satisfied clients and, ultimately, a more valuable business.

Get support from the top down

You’ll have a direct line to NZBritannia’s senior leadership team when you need it - they’re here for you and your clients, they have a proven track record and are always ready to help.

Find out more about how NZBritannia can help build success for you and your clients.
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The Integral Master Trust. Integral for success.

The Integral Master Trust (IMT) is an investment solution for advisers (as opposed to fund/stock pickers) who focus on providing financial advice to protect and grow their clients’ core wealth. It’s a robust, flexible and administratively easy solution that gives great value for money. It has a proven track record of delivering for advisers and investors for over ten years.

IMT has five investment options, which allow your clients to hold a portfolio accessing both widely diversified and concentrated investments. It has all inbuilt platform functionality with rebalancing, fee collection and reporting, which both the adviser and client can access.

IMT allows advisers to guide and support their clients, to achieve their financial goals, while you add value to your business through having a replicable, reliable and profitable business model.

This allows you to profit from the success of your clients by focusing on adding value through the advice process.

The simple administration and client-focused investment approach minimises your compliance risks and reduces downtime in administrative tasks. IMT is a robust and defensible investment solution that promotes the use of financial advice, while providing funds that work together to allow you to personalise each of your client portfolios to meet their individual goals.

Investments are managed at an underlying level by leading domestic and international fund managers Harbour Asset Management, ANZ Investments, Franklin Templeton, Insignia Financial and Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Investment philosophy

Investing should be done to meet the goals of the investor. It requires a careful balancing of risk, required return, preferred investment style and consideration of environmental, social and governance factors. This is the value that a financial adviser brings to investors; blending these competing demands into a package that acknowledges trade-offs and can be understood and accepted by clients.

No single philosophy suits all investors, so IMT provides flexibility to meet these competing demands. In a time where clients can access investments directly, advisers need to offer value outside of this. IMT puts financial advice at the core of the investment process and enables advisers to offer that advice in compliant, client-focused and administratively simple ways.

Our investment approach is:

  • Asset allocation is the most important determinant of long-term investment performance.
  • Risk and return are positively related such that greater return generally requires greater risks to be assumed.
  • Diversification is key to reducing portfolio volatility and risk.
  • We invest in carefully structured portfolios that do not rely on costly high-volume trading to generate performance.
  • Sound investment decision making requires strong governance and well-defined decision-making structures.
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The IMT allows advisers to offer:

  • Broad based diversification options.
  • Focused investment options that can be integrated with a more diversified option.
  • Investments that are more than index tracking.
  • Investments that do not rely on market timing.
  • Defensible investment propositions that have stood the test of time.

Financial advisers need to offer a solution that meets their clients’ needs in a compliant manner, providing recurring revenue and a business model that can be sold once the adviser wishes to pursue other avenues.  IMT allows financial advisers to operate independently and profitably through putting their clients first.

Advantages of IMT for clients

Integral Master Trust offers clients a great way to grow their wealth with:

  • Five different funds designed to work together, so you can construct a portfolio that is specific to your clients’ needs, goals and appetite for risk.
  • An easy way to invest and withdraw at any time, including regular savings and withdrawal plans.
  • Access to a wide variety of assets via highly diversified unit trusts investing across a range of asset classes, or into specific asset class funds so that you can tilt your clients’ investments as needed.
  • Easy switching between the funds to allow for changing life goals and circumstances.

We sort out and pay your clients’ tax from the funds, so you and your clients don’t need to have that administrative burden. Your clients also gain the tax efficiencies of a PIE structure.

Advantages of IMT for advisers

The IMT provides advisers with an administratively easy solution that does not compromise the options available for your clients.

  • Four low cost, highly diversified funds with tilts towards factors such as small and value shares that have been academically shown to provide a higher return to investors over the long term.
  • Access to two high growth investments that can be used in conjunction with a diversified portfolio, or as a focused investment option for clients who prefer a higher conviction investment approach.
  • IMT funds complement each other and are designed to provide you with an investment solution for your clients’ core wealth. IMT has an automatic rebalancing function that allows you to design a portfolio that is specific to your client’s needs, goals and appetite for risk with a minimum of administrative hassle.
  • The funds are highly liquid with low buy/sell spreads that allow you to effortlessly update investment plans for clients as their situations change.
  • Collection of adviser fees using a transparent fee for service.
  • A scientifically based and defensible investment strategy allows you to focus on ensuring clients achieve their goals with a minimum of compliance and paperwork.
  • Modelling software helps you design an investment strategy that focuses on demonstrating to your clients how they can achieve their goals.

ESG investing

At NZBritannia we are focused on delivering results for our clients and we understand our responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen. That’s why we prioritise Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, also called Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), in our investment products.

We believe consideration of the most significant ESG issues may help investment managers gain greater insight into each security’s risk and return potential. We consider ESG issues alongside traditional financial measures and integrate them into the investment decision-making process.

All our investments are implemented by firms who are signatories to the Principles of Responsible Investing (PRI). Further, all our investment managers have policies considering ESG in their businesses.

Our primary focus is on climate change. A key focus for appointing and removing investment managers is whether their portfolios reduce exposure (compared to the benchmark equity index) to carbon-emitting companies or users of fossil fuels. Our investment managers also apply filters to exclude certain companies such as those investing in nuclear weapons and tobacco, for example.

(You can read our full ESG policy here.)

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About NZBritannia

NZBritannia was formed over 25 years ago, initially to facilitate pension transfers from the UK for either UK immigrants or returning Kiwis. Over that time, we have transferred more than 20,000 pensions from the UK to NZ. With over 700 million funds under management we have built up considerable experience within our close-knit team.

Our core staff have been with us for over 10 years and our business has been further strengthened by more recent hires ahead of full FMCA licensing as an MIS manager, and as a result of taking on the staff associated with managing the IMT (which we acquired the management rights for in April 2020).

We have worked with a number of advisers over the years forming incredibly strong relationships always aimed at helping them create better outcomes for their clients. We would love to work with new advisers to do the same – through IMT we can help you with all your clients’ core investment needs.

Don’t forget that if you also have clients who have UK pensions but aren’t sure of the process, you can contact us, and we can help you and them through it.

For pension transfer enquiries get in touch with Alun Rees-Williams on 0800 29 39 39 or email

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