Press Release 10 June 2021 - Britannia refreshes branding to NZBritannia - Retire Better

June 10, 2021

Press Release 10 June 2021

Since acquiring the management rights of the Integral Master Trust last year, New Zealand’s leading provider of UK pension transfer services, Britannia Financial Services continues to move from strength to strength and is pleased to announce a range of improvements to the schemes it manages. To mark these changes, Britannia is refreshing its branding. CEO Gavin Dixon explains,

“We have taken this opportunity to refresh our branding from Britannia Financial Services to NZBritannia – Retire Better. Britannia has been around for a long time now and we are proud to have helped transfer over 20,000 pensions to New Zealand. We are now embarking on the next part of our journey where we will work closely with our advisers and staff to ensure that they are able to help our investors achieve their best possible retirement”.

Stronger investment management

NZBritannia is adding a new investment manager to complement its existing providers. ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited will be providing a range of investment solutions for domestic and international equities, along with global infrastructure and property. Their involvement with the NZBritannia schemes will be integrated alongside existing investment managers IOOF, Dimensional Fund Advisors and Harbour Asset Management.

Gavin added, “After a sharply focussed review of providers, in conjunction with Melville Jessup Weaver, we are pleased to provide our advisers and investors access to both local and global investment providers who are market leaders in their respective areas. Investors will benefit from global investment managers such as Northern Trust, Franklin Templeton and Dimensional Fund Advisors, who will help deliver strong, consistent returns”.

The expanded investment offering will deliver both quality and value for money. NZBritannia’s simplified fee structure provides investors with certainty about fees. There are still no performance fees as NZBritannia believes such fee structures do not encourage underlying investment managers to act in the interests of scheme members.

Aligning with client feedback

Besides strengthening its suite of investment managers, NZBritannia has taken a comprehensive view of investors’ evolving needs. Gavin acknowledges that, “As a society, we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact we have on the planet and how the organisations we invest in impact our communities”.

With this in mind, NZBritannia is increasing its focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters across its schemes. NZBritannia’s primary ESG focus will be on the most significant ESG issue – climate change. NZBritannia’s investment activities will become more focussed on reducing the impact that their investments have on the world, benefiting investors and the communities they live within.

Overall, the changes are positioned to help advisers support their clients’ needs, and ensure they Retire Better.